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Technical Reports 1999

TR-1/1999: An example of a FOREST Problem Specification
    M. Kronenburg , C. Peper
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TR-2/1999: Baselining a Domain-Specific Software Development Process.
    Raimund L. Feldmann, Jürgen Münch, Stefan Queins, Stefan Vorwieger, and Gerhard Zimmermann.
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TR-3/1999: First Results from an Experimental Evaluation of SDL-Pattern Based Protocol Design
    R. Feldmann, B. Geppert, F. Rößler
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TR-4/1999: Tools for Supporting the Software Engineering Laboratory of the SFB 50.
    Marco Habetz.
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TR-5/1999: Reuse of Process Patterns.
    Jürgen Münch.
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TR-6/1999: Case Study: Implementing an SDL System in Erlang
    Thomas Deiß
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TR-8/1999: he ORDBMS-based SFB 501 Experience Base - Exemplified by the SDL-Pattern Approac
    Feldmann, R. L., Geppert, B., Mahnke, W., Ritter, N., Rößler, F.
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TR-8/1999: The ORDBMS-based SFB 501 Experience Base -Exemplified by the SDL-Pattern Approach.
    Raimund L. Feldmann, Birgit Geppert, Wolfgang Mahnke, Norbert Ritter and Frank Rößler.
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TR-11/1999: Struktur und Werkzeuge des experiment-spezifischen Datenbereichs der SFB501 Erfahrungsdatenbank.
    Stefan Vorwieger, Holger Damczyk, Marion Fechtig, Boris Schadt and Oliver Swienty.
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TR-13/1999: A First Iteration of a Reuse-Driven, Domain-Specific System Requirements Analysis Process
    S. Queins, G. Zimmermann
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